3D Modeling & CGI

Three dimensions are always better than two.

Our CGI renders combine the hands-on experience of in-store shopping with the speed and convenience of an online marketplace. Fully interactive and detailed, 3D modeling & CGI is perfect for products that are difficult to photograph

Tulfa Inc Product spins

Product Spins

Our renderings give customers a detailed look at every angle of your product over a white background for the perfect 3D viewing experience.

Tulfa Inc Optimized Packshots

Optimized Packshots

We use product rendering to create stunning lifestyle shots that place your products in environments that evoke emotion in your customers.

Tulfa Inc Product Animation

Product Animation

3D animation avoids the cost and hassle of hiring a video team, while quickly educating viewers on how your products look and function.

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How we win, together.

CGI can increase cart conversion
up to 27%.

3D models provide a 44% increase in average order size.

Studies show a CTR increase of 32% in 3D-based ads vs. 2D ads.

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