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Amazon Account Management

Over 300 million customers across the world make purchases on Amazon. That's an absolutely staggering number of people, and to reach them, marketers need to break through the clutter.

To make Amazon marketing a success, you need a customized approach to maximizing returns. Tulfa’s expertise empowers you with the competitive advantage to make a bigger impact in the eCommerce arena.

Gain From Your Amazon Budget By Maximizing Your ROI

According to Amazon, over 300 million customers across the world make purchases from their eCommerce websites. To reach them, marketers need a competitive advantage. You surely wouldn't want to spend money on Amazon while your products remain unsold. You may be asking yourself: How to attract customers? How to even begin? How to distinguish your product or service? How to ensure repeat sales on Amazon's marketplace?

To enhance your return on investment (ROI) for Amazon marketing, you need the guidance of expert Amazon professionals. You'll need assistance to develop a customized approach to maximize your budget. Hence, working with an Amazon agency with a track record of success becomes crucial.

We Optimize Your Amazon Product Descriptions And Images

Executing everything from start to finish to increase your organic rankings and sales is our forte. Our Amazon professionals ensure that you maximize your ROI from the start. A thorough audit of your current product listings, verifying that items are properly classified and that all metadata has been improved.

Conducting category and keyword research to discover relevant terms and phrases helps you rank higher in organic search results. To convert clicks into purchases, we optimise your product title, feature bullets, and description with high search volume keywords with persuasive writing. Creating engaging product imagery by utilizing existing creative assets appeals to the mobile-first shopper.

Pricing Strategy & Testing

Become an Amazon Best Seller Within 30 Days with Tulfa.

Appropriate pricing techniques enhance the rankings, conversions, and income. When listing a new product, our Amazon specialists perform detailed competitive analysis to determine the optimum price for your goods. We will also guide you to take advantage of Amazon's plethora of discounts, coupons, and deals to appeal to shoppers' saving senses.

Our Amazon marketing services include engaging with customers to develop a sales plan that includes an ideal balance of campaign formats and special promotional offers, such as:

Amazon Catalog Organization

We'll analyze the categories of your existing Amazon catalog, go over the parent-child versions, and make sure they're properly structured and optimized. Variations are collections of elements that are connected to one another. A smart variation strategy may increase conversion by allowing buyers to compare and select items based on relevant qualities such as color and size on a single product description page.

The catalog reflects your brand. When you promote your brand on Amazon, a whole inventory of items appears for your company. We assist you in running sponsored brand commercials as opposed to sponsored adverts. This will help your customers discover your brand among the clutter.

Amazon Brand Registry

Businesses Soar With Our Amazon A+ Content

A trademark is required to register a brand on Amazon. We assist customers in obtaining a trademark and then register an Amazon brand. Marketers with a brand registration have more control over their Amazon product listings. Our Amazon certified strategists assist customers in making the most of their Amazon A+ Content initiatives. Amazon allows brand owners to replace product descriptions with tastefully branded material that includes product specifications and usage instructions. Including Amazon A+ on product description pages can help boost traffic, conversion rates and sales.

As your trusted Amazon partner agency, we endeavor to guarantee that no competitor violates your copyrights or unlawfully sells your items. To ensure Buy Box leech removals, we have a system that can monitor and make automatic removal requests, rising to legal action. This helps to safeguard your business, items, and brand against Amazon leech frauds.

Amazon Brand Stores

Amazon Brand Stores was introduced to keep small and medium-sized enterprises viable. These micro websites within Amazon allow customers to browse all of the items in your catalog, learn more about your products, brand, manufacturing process, and even watch videos on how your products function.

Our Amazon professionals are skilled in creating an eye-catching Amazon Brand Store and positioning your items for maximum exposure via Amazon A+. Tulfa's Amazon strategists will construct your Amazon Brand Store, a space dedicated to conveying your brand narrative and promoting your top product features, best sellers, and discounts, to take brand building to the next level.

Amazon SEO

Our qualified SEO team will increase the visibility of your brand and products by utilizing Amazon search engine optimization tactics that will:

In addition, we handle aspects such as Amazon account audit, competitive analysis, keyword research, and clear and short descriptions.

Amazon Advertising/PPC

Amazon is a seller's market. Only dedicated go-getters tend to take the lead. Top sellers leverage PPC advertisements and other methods to stand out.

Our Amazon advertising professionals get you started in Amazon Vendor Central or Amazon Seller Central by establishing the ideal combination of sponsored product, sponsored brand, sponsored display, and video commercials.

Amazon Reporting & Analytics

By employing data analytics, we keep every client updated about their business. We provide monthly Amazon advertising reports that include expenditure, return on ad spend (ROAS), advertising cost of sales (ACoS), and full pay-per-click (PPC) data. This includes detailed data on Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) expense that reveals any hidden expenditures.

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