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Digital transformation,the way forward for brands and retailers in 2020

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Digital Transformation: The Trend That Is Here To Stay

Pushing us into digitalization, the pandemic has set what the “new normal” looks like. The traditional ways of business are not coming back anytime soon. It is official, the world is going digital!

This behemoth crisis has once again reminded us that the business environment is forever changing and we need to adapt to survive. Brands and retailers that adapt, move faster in a strategic fashion in the short and long term will be in a healthier place.

The Pandemic’s Accelerator Effect

Dominating in almost every shopping category, in-store retail stores were the customers’ go-to. The pre- Covid data shows that ecommerce sales accounted for only 16% of total retail sales.

The pre and post-Covid data are contrastingly different. Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck and shut down doors to all stores, ecommerce has overshadowed in-store sales by leaps and bounds. This shift displays a long-lasting implication of the pandemic on consumer behavior.


Dominating in every shopping category, in-store retail stores were the customers’ go-to. The pre- Covid data shows that ecommerce sales accounted for only 15.8% of total retail sales.  

It is predicted that global e-commerce will reach $4.2 trillion this year. Adobe surveys found out that 9% of U.S consumers, 8% of Japanese Consumers, and 15% of United Kingdom consumers said they have never shopped online before March 2020. Survey shows that online grocery shopping in these 3 countries is becoming the preferred method. Consumers believe that they are saving money and enjoy the convenience it offers.  

The pre-and post-Covid data are contrastingly different. Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck and shut down doors to all stores, e-commerce has overshadowed in-store sales by leaps and bounds. This shift displays a long-lasting implication of the pandemic on consumer behavior. 

There is a brand-new audience for e-commerce and customers are likely to stay.  

Retailer and brands 

78% of retail executives reported that they plan to invest more in e-commerce and 77% in customer-centric technologies like chatbots and dedicated websites soon. About two-thirds of executives expect to engage with customers online in the future, with 42% pointing out the need to create a seamless digital customer experience, with many companies already ahead in the process.   

The pandemic also accelerated the digitalization of companies’ operations. Next-generation operating models have been implemented to improve both, efficiency and customers’ experience while resulting in a new revenue stream for many.  

Are You Ready For The “New Age” Consumer?

Only those companies who adapt to the changing expectations, environment and reach the finish line first will benefit from the early recovery period. Gaining consumer loyalty and sales.

-Embracing changing consumer expectations online

-Enabling seamless interactions through omnichannel offerings

-Enhancing consumer experience with augmented and virtual realities

In simple terms, complete digital transformation is the only logical and strategic way forward.

Tulfa Steers The Digital Wheel!

Prioritizing a standout, immersive and engaging digital experience for your customers, even better than your physical store will keep you ahead of your competition. With majority of traffic shifting online, your website’s level of engagement decides if you win or lose this ecommerce war!

This is where you need our expertise.

Product visualization, 3D and augmented reality have the power to create an immersive, captivating in-store shopping experience online for your website, app, or social media channels.

What Does Digital Transformation With Tulfa, look like?

Enhance your platforms with 3D visualizations

The key to an immersive and engaging online shopping experience is 3D assets. At Tulfa, we make your products 3D ready with our advanced digitization tools

Activate fast with seamless digitization

Worrying about it being a time-consuming process? Don’t. Tulfa guarantees to provide its clients with the best quality work in the least amount of time. So we got you covered!

Boost consumer confidence with embedded AR products

Augmented reality allows customers to enjoy the same try-before-you-buy experience from the comfort of their homes. The most influential factor behind shopping in-store is the try-on experience which augmented reality fixes for you now.

Not only for products in the fashion beauty and apparel categories where they can try products on themselves but for more cost-heavy products like furniture, toys, watches, and home appliances which they can place in their immediate surroundings.

Overall, AR-enabled shopping has proven to boost consumer confidence by removing purchase objections and in turn increase conversions.

Tulfa, The Right Strategic Partner

Diversification of sales channels is needed now more than ever. It is important for brands and retailers to understand the need to leverage digital channels and technology to adapt to this ever-changing business environment.

Augmented reality lightens our way to a digital world with immersive, engaging online shopping experiences. Better than the old, boring traditional way, AR is on its way to changing the decade-old shopping experience to a fun, innovative experience for modern, new-age consumers.

The digital transformation trend isn’t a trend anymore; it’s the need of the hour. Shoot us an email or reach out to us on social media.

We will make certain that you don’t miss out on all the perks that the digital world has to offer. Check us out: https://tulfa.com/ar-vr-xr-solutions/

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Digital upends old models. Reinvent your business.

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Digital upends old models. Reinvent your business.

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