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Estee Lauder launches AR campaign with Snapchat

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Estée Lauder Launches AR Makeup Try-On

Being a top player in the beauty space, Estee Lauder has created an immersive lifelike experience for its customers with its new AR integrated features.

Launching the following mind-blowing AR campaigns with YouCam Makeup, Estee Lauder is stomping into the AR integration space with speed:

Pure Colour Lipstick Range launch: Estee Lauder launched its Pure Colour Lipstick range with AR features. This way customers could try on 30 shades of lipsticks in 30 seconds from their new collection and have virtual makeovers.

“Look Transfer” campaign: With an AR-integrated app, customers can recognize makeup shades that they see on models around them and re-create the look. The immersive experience does not stop at recreation, customers can recreate looks and virtually try them on.

Successfully boosting customer engagement by 200% in the first month and creating an immersive, frictionless experience for its customers, Estee Lauder has made it possible to create a lifelike experience for users from the comfort of their homes.

Try-On Foundations with AR Features

Foundation selection is the trickiest decision for customers even while being physically present in-store, and online it’s a nightmare since shade selection differs in accordance with the skin tone.

Estee Lauder recognized this problem and took the stage to launch a range of AR-integrated try-on foundations with Snapchat. Customers can simply try on Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-In-Place and Futurist Hydra Rescue SPF45 foundations at their convenience using their Snapchat App on their phones. 60 shades can be trialed with a swipe-to-buy feature for ease of purchase.

Snapchat’s Dynamic Shopping Lense

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Snapchat to create an Augmented Reality virtual try-on experience for our iconic foundations,” said Estée Lauder UK & Ireland Marketing Director, Nicola Casey. “Snap is the leader in AR and truly understands how best to communicate through this innovative medium in a creative and interactive way that resonates with our audience…The campaigns we have run so far have been really successful so we are excited to bring this latest experience to our community to enjoy.”

Estee Lauder is the first beauty company to leverage Snapchat’s new dynamic shopping lenses. Customers can browse through the up-to-date product inventory, virtually try products on and make purchases with Snapchat’s flawless technology.

Don’t hesitate

Big brands like Estee Lauder have proven augmented reality to be a game-changer for the beauty industry. Digitalize your business and leverage tools like the cloud to manage data efficiently to help deal with the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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