Our Culture

Because it's not just work, it's culture.

Tulfa is different by design. Our culture is not just a list of values, but a lifestyle. We treat every client like family, every project like a personal matter. Deadlines are more than just dates—they're promises we never break. Our clients demand the highest quality content, and we couldn’t agree more.

A Culture of Curiosity, A Passion for Problem Solving

Tulfa was founded in 2017 by just two people with a common vision. In two short years, the company grew into a multimillion-dollar corporation with more than 150 employees across five continents.

Although we’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings, our shared culture and vision has remained—to build immersive customer experiences that transform the digital shelf and positively impact the lives of our clients, employees, and communities. We are proud to help the biggest brands change the world.

Tulfa Inc Teamwork our culture


As a multinational company, Tulfa knows the importance of a diverse and talented team. Employees from all cultures and walks of life give us the perspectives we need to build lasting relationships, not only within our company, but with our clients and our community.


Tulfa is committed to making a lasting impression on the industry in which we work. We believe that by creating exceptional content, digital strategies and customer experiences, we can help the biggest brands change the world.

Tulfa Inc Innovation
Tulfa Inc Excellence our culture


From the studio floor to our front office, Tulfa is committed to achieving operational excellence and customer satisfaction through continuous, lean improvement, best manufacturing practices and product and process innovation.

Tulfa Inc Excellence our culture

Our Commitment to Community

Community is not just the neighborhoods, towns, or cities in which we reside; to Tulfa, the world is our community. More than a just a business, we live to serve and always strive to make a difference by supporting social equality, nonprofit organizations, and much more.

Empowering Women

Tulfa knows that women have and always will be the backbone of society, and certainly our company. We are proud to have a mostly female workforce that earns equal pay, never faces a glass ceiling, and ensures our doors stay open.

Community Service

Being active in our community rings true to our core values. Tulfa employees are committed to regular participation in charities, fundraisers, and other events that make our world a better place.

US Military Veterans

More than anybody, veterans deserve to be honored for the sacrifices they made for our country. They are assets to not only our community, but to our businesses, which is why Tulfa is proud to hire U.S. military personnel, as well as their spouses, to make their transition back into civilian life as seamless as possible.

People of Color

Discrimination, wage gaps, and favor for specific demographics over others have no place at Tulfa. It is our responsibility to not only uphold positive values, but spread them in our brand messages. Our diverse workforce and culture works together as an ally for social justice, period.

Supporting LGBTQ+

Tulfa maintains an all-inclusive mentality, no matter your sexuality, gender, or identity. Not only do we recognize the benefits of individuality, we celebrate them.

Enabling the Disabled

Tulfa knows that disabilities do not define a person or their work ethic. We believe that everybody has a valuable place in our community and provide the accommodations our employees need to succeed.

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Sr. Quality Analyst - Image Editing Process

When you join Tulfa, you set your career on track for outstanding achievement with a company that knows no limits. We’re the leader in our industry, achieving double-digit growth by helping clients make create amazing digital experiences for their consumers. Are you looking for outstanding advancement potential at a global market leader? If so, think about Tulfa Inc. The world's leading content production studio, Tulfa Inc delivers 360° rich and interactive product page content for our Fortune 500 clients to create best in class digital experiences for their consumers, every day. Come be a part of our incredible organization!

About the Role

The Senior Quality Control Technician is responsible for assuring images are delivered to our customers within the assigned specifications at or above the expected level of quality.  The Senior QC Tech also controls the file delivery, task delegation and workflow within the studio. 


  • Quality verification of all images produced in the studio 
  • Work directly with photographers, the QC manager and the studio manager to provide feedback on the images that do not meet specifications 
  • Track photographer reshoots per studio manager’s requirements 
  • Export images from shoots using the proper naming conventions 
  • Create export templates 
  • Verify export accuracy according to customer requirements 
  • Manage the post production workflow 
  • Keep accurate records of what was sent and received 
  • Communicate with vendors regarding retouching instructions, using whatever methods are necessary (mark up images, detailed written instructions etc.) 
  • Verify all post production requirements were correctly completed 
  • Make sure deadlines are being adhered to and notify manager if delays are expected 
  • Keep accurate performance reports for post-production vendors 
  • Final delivery to clients 
  • Verify images for quality, proper naming conventions, and proper file configurations 
  • Reconcile image/data discrepancies 
  • Correctly uploading to the File Management System 
  • Interact with the appropriate department managers to resolve customer questions and problems as they arise 
  • Communicate with clients as necessary 
  • Assist in creating and working within the established workflows and processes to ensure customer satisfaction 
  • Delegating daily tasks to team members, ensuring they are completed in a timely manor 
  • Perform quality spot checks on work completed by QC Image Techs 
  • Use independent judgement to problem solve and make recommendations to improve efficiency 
  • Facilitate a team-oriented environment that is focused on client needs 
  • Ensure less than 1% error rate on file deliveries 

Qualifications and Skills

  • Professional leadership experience 
  • Advanced knowledge of digital imagery, file handling, and editing software, in order to manage real-time quality review and provide constructive feedback to the photographers, including but not limited to Adobe Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom. 
  • Knowledge of Illustrator and InDesign is a plus 
  • Working knowledge of Image Magick or similar batch processing software is also a plus 
  • Advanced knowledge of image editing applications in order to coordinate the post-production process and execute virtual training sessions as needed 
  • Ability to find and reconcile discrepancies between large amounts of images and data 
  • Experience with the GS1 specification and able to coach and train others in using it to evaluate image sets 
  • Good understanding of photography principles such as lighting, composition, white balance, etc. 
  • Ability to balance many tasks at once and switch between tasks quickly 
  • Advanced computer literacy in Mac OS and Windows 
  • Proficient in Excel, including filtering and comparing data and performing data merges using the VLOOKUP tool 
  • Advanced knowledge of Photoshop, including the pen tool, curves, levels, and selective color correction 
  • Batch editing experience 
  • Experience with the GS1 specification and able to coach and train others in using it to evaluate image sets 


  • Outstanding compensation. We offer best in the industry salaries and generous benefits; including a robust time off allowance and great “perks”. 
  • A collaborative, positive culture. You’ll work with people who are as enthusiastic, smart and driven as you are. You’ll be managed by the best too. 
  • We offer the excitement of a fast-paced entrepreneurial workplace and the professional growth opportunities of an established global organization along with limitless growth and learning opportunities 
  • You’ll work with smart people, receive continual investment in your talent and learn about the latest in all things digital. 

If you enjoy challenge, quality check process and are optimistic about your future, don’t miss this opportunity. 

By submitting your information and application, you confirm that you have read the above job descriptions and agree to the terms. 

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