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Customized Rich Media Ads

Rich media ads are multimedia, interactive communication that keep customers engaged with your brand. More than just images and words; they're a method to raise brand recognition, boost sales, and highlight your company's distinct personality. They create a lasting impression by being the center of attention on the user's screen.

Customized rich media ads are extremely effective in the e-commerce business. They allow you to showcase your products in action, create interactive product tours, and even use video or music to create a fully immersive consumer experience.

Creating rich media ads that inspire and captivate customers

Rich Media Ads can have up to five times stronger Click-Through-Rate than standard format ads. They are defined by ad formats that include advanced features such as video, audio, infographics, banner ads, carousel ads, 3D photography, 360-degree photography, HTML5-based units, or other elements.

Rich Media Ads are often used to encourage viewers to interact and engage with the content. They incorporate a variety of media elements to capture consumers’ attention better than more basic advertisements.

Delivering greater impact for incremental sales

At Tulfa, our skilled and experienced team is adept at crafting strategic rich media ads to fulfill your campaign objectives. We plan out your Rich Media Ads by identifying, evaluating, and observing the right target audience, taking into account the product category, season, and buying trends.

This makes sure that the most relevant rich media ads are delivered to the customers to increase the conversion ratio.

Online marketers can boost their ROI and website traffic by advertising their products and services with rich media ads.

Rich media is a powerful tool to attract and engage customers. Marketers employ a variety of media to motivate customers to take quick action

Mobile and tablet devices make consumers interact with the advertisement physically. This enables users to move through the sales pipeline faster and more efficiently, leading to more sales.

Rich Media Ads do not feel like ads to users. Hence, it is a good way to grab attention for our product.

Advanced tracking and real-time analytics enables online marketers to track the various levels of engagement and interaction with rich media ads. As a result, you can gather data on video playback, interaction rates, dwell times, and much better metrics.

Videos make advertising awe-inspiring. Integrate shoppable videos, 360-degree views, and other sophisticated video formats into rich media ads.

Utilize innovative technologies to stand out amongst your competitors

Take a look at some of the most popular rich media ad formats:

Rich Media Banner Ads

Highly noticeable banner advertisement provides a high level of interactivity. They support video, motion elements, and other HTML5-based ad units.

Rich Media Interstitial Ads

Interstitial adverts appear on full-screen or hover on top of a page's content. They have high visibility and medium to high cost per impression.

Rich Media Expandable Banner Ads

An ad that, when being viewed, will expand and cover the entire screen, becoming a full-screen banner, encouraging and engaging the user to click or tap to the website that the ad is for.

Rich Media Pushdown Ads

Once you click an ad, the content of the Webpage is lowered to reveal the content of the Ad.

Rich Media Slider Ads

Slider Ads are a fantastic way to make the most of your ad space. They give your users an engaging experience the visuals and encourage them to click your call-to-action. These ads are a great way to build visual brand awareness and greater user engagement.

3D Display Ads

3D Display ads are highly effective as customers can get a better idea of what it is they are buying. With 3D Display Ads, customers can zoom in and out, turn an image and play an animation to see more products come to life. The 3D Display Ads are highly interactive and support videos, motion, and interactivity, making them engaging and memorable.

Rich Media Ads make advertising campaigns a success

Rich media ads are the most interactive, engaging way to reach your target market. They combine videos, motion, interactivity, and more to convey your message and make it interactive. Why settle for boring banners when you can bring your message to life?

Write your brand’s success story with Tulfa’s Rich Media Ads.

Rich media ads are the latest addition to the digital marketing arsenal. They create an immersive experience for your customers.

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By applying strategic thinking and creativity, we create rich media ads that are awe-inspiring

The highly interactive and engaging Rich Media Ads are an effective way to market a product. They resonate with the target audiences on an emotional level.

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