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One of the Top 10 Influential COOs of 2021; Sonali Bagrecha

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Changing the world, one step at a time 

We’re excited to announce that Tulfa’s Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Sonali Bagrecha, going beyond the odds, has been selected as one of the Top 10 Influential COOs of 2021 by Industry Era; the media platform for business leaders that explores the impact of technology trends on business transformation.  

Sonali Bagrecha  was selected for being a strategic operations leader, an exceptional influence on a cohesive team to driving and enabling rapid growth. She leads Tulfa’s Centre of excellence based in Chicago, USA and Tulfa’s operation centers widespread in Canada, UK, France, Spain and Peru.  

Sonali led Tulfa to America’s 10K fastest-growing company list in 2021. As Tulfa’s COO, her influence increased the enterprise value by 600%, and the revenue growth by 400%. 

Industry Era selected Sonali from a pool of over 200 nominations provided by industry leaders and peers. From there, a seasoned market research team determined the top 50 contenders by analyzing data to evaluate each leader’s industry standing and influence. In the final two rounds, a panel of CEOs, CIOs and venture capitalists joined Industry Era’s editorial board in selecting the year’s 10 best. 

Loukeek Bornare, the President and CEO of Tulfa Inc. said, “Sonali swears by honest and open communication, collaborative leadership, goal orientation, authenticity and a positive approach. She inspires and empowers women entrepreneurs across industries and has been a mentor to many young people, helping them transform their lives. Sonali is a visionary and has fulfilled her role as the COO of Tulfa Inc. with utmost sincerity, which can be seen in the results we have reaped. Her contribution to Tulfa’s tremendous growth and success is extremely significant, while her perseverance will keep us achieving more.”   

About Tulfa Inc: Tulfa Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and develops eCommerce solutions for brands, retailers, and manufacturers. Based in Chicago, the company has helped several Fortune 500 companies provide a next-generation shopping experience to their shoppers using Augmented and Extended Reality. 

About Industry Era for Women: Industry Era for Women is a digital magazine featuring CEOs, C-Suite Executives and other pioneers in the industry. Presenting leadership, inspiring and influential stories of success from various sectors, CEOs formulating their decisions to lead their company to success in revenue and also, positive retention of employees.  

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