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The virtual world is opening up new possibilities for gamers to immerse themselves in exciting otherworldly realms. The rise of gaming culture and the innovations in the ‘Metaverse’ have created new opportunities for consumers to explore. Tulfa is in tune with this innovative concept. A 3D/AR/VR home decor and furniture creator, we bring alive concepts of dreamscape interior into the homes of our customers.

The growing popularity of Digital Interiors

Krista Kim’s Mars House sold for $500,000! This first virtual home sold as a digital file, or NFT, on the SuperRare online marketplace. The buyer of this digital artwork, who remains anonymous, describes the house as a place of healing, inspiration, and dreams. The transparent virtual home is a meditative house concept with a calming music soundtrack composed by Smashing Pumpkins’ Jeoff Schroeder.

All of us are asking ourselves this question. Will a digital interior in the metaverse’s other reality lead to more “phygital” (blended physical and digital) experiences?

Metaverse Tech Evolution

Tulfa’s impressive portfolio is a testament to its commitment to quality and innovation in furniture and architectural design. We are looking forward to a future where customers will be able to live in the world of dreams.

With its recent focus on “wellbeing interiors”, Tulfa is on the cutting edge of the future of home technology. We appreciate the opportunity to work with them on future projects.

New milestones in the Metaverse

What a grand way to celebrate the grand opening of JCP Universe! Studio Milo collaborated with them on a series of mystical light projections that blend the interior with strange and wonderful landscapes. The result is nothing short of amazing! As such, the opening day was a grand success!

Home decor and furniture has the ability to fundamentally alter how people view their homes. The home ceases to be a structure and becomes a canvas on which individuals may paint a picture of themselves that reflects who they are. A new market of consumers who want to design their homes to fit their present lifestyles rather than make them a long-term investment are now available to the home décor industry.

Creating engaging and immersive worlds

Liv Bell, a graduate in surface design, is producing a line of projection-mapped textiles with the goal of reducing material usage via creative textile design. Her digital textile series is an exploration of interaction and illusion. The projections are readily switched out to suit the requirements of an interior space and made to operate on walls, floors, and upholstery materials. When paired with the upholstery, this layered appearance produces a captivating chiaroscuro effect that gives an unmatched level of immersion.

This creates interesting new potential for home textiles, especially given the increasing need to decrease waste and the quantity of furniture that ends up in landfills. If we can alter the pattern of the fabric on our couch to fit our mood anytime we want to update a space, we will be more inclined to choose longer-lasting investment pieces that value comfort and durability above style and color trends.

Tulfa – Making an impact on the furniture business

Tulfa, based in Chicago, is committed to delivering immersive experiences. We specialize in 3D photography, augmented reality, virtual reality, and Metaverse design. To bring creative thoughts to reality, we use cutting-edge technology. Our vision is to create a new world environment in which individuals may indulge in shopping in the Metaverse without having to physically visit a store.

Today, technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and more people are becoming acquainted with it. There is a rising desire for more seamless and integrated digital solutions for marketing furniture and home decor.

For more information on the future of life at home and how to leverage consumer trends within your business or industry, browse our consultancy services or contact us at [email protected].

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Digital upends old models. Reinvent your business.

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